1921 Movie Review: Sunn Le Zara, ’Horror’ Hain Kahan?

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Cast: Karan Kundrra, Zareen Khan

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Producers: Vikram Bhatt

Writers: Vikram Bhatt

What’s Yay: Music, Cinematography

What’s Nay: The Pace Of The Film, Screenplay, VFX

Popcorn Refill: Whenever the narrative drops, you could easily whisk off for a quick popcorn refill.

Iconic Moment: None



The year is 1927. While the audience is awaiting for a grand performance by a celebrated pianist Ayush Asthana (Karan Kundrra), the man in question has locked himself in a room, got drunk and attempted suicide by slashing off his wrists. Time to tip-toe backwards to the year 1921.

Freshly off the shores of Bombay, Ayush arrives in England as a caretaker of a large mansion and to master his craft at York Music School. Things are smooth sailing for the young man and three months pass by. Until one night, while going over his notations, he fiinds a door of his Victorian mansion mysteriously cranking open while a spirit skirts the air in the moon-lit lawn. Before he can get a grip of the situation, a dark ghost with mini-bulb eyesvcompletely startles him. The next morning, he discovers a black colored patch near his abdomen.

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