Announcing Wanderland Waves: Island-Inspired Jewelry

It’s a pretty exciting day today at Wanderland HQ, friends — a headquarters that just so happens to sit on a lush, tiny island in the middle of a vast, beautiful ocean. It’s been hard not to shout this one from the thatch-rooftops these past weeks as we’ve worked behind-the-scenes to make this happen: today, I’m announcing Wanderland Waves, a collaboration with Amy Jennifer Jewellery on a collection of island-inspired silver jewellery handmade in paradise!

Wanderland Waves • Silver Jewelery Handmade in Koh Tao, Thailand

Wanderland Waves • Silver Jewelery Handmade in Koh Tao, Thailand

Amy and I met here on Koh Tao three years ago, where we’ve been chasing sun and living the tropical dream ever since. I’ve been a customer of Amy’s business since she first opened shop on the island — many of you have seen me wearing Amy’s work on Instagram, and I’ve commissioned several custom pieces for family and friends. I could not be a bigger fan of her work, or more honored that she’s allowed me to collaborate with her.

Amy and I are two beach loving ocean addicts as well as certified divemasters. We designed these easy-to-wear pieces pulling ideas from the natural paradise we feel so blessed to call home, using sustainable business practices and donating a portion of proceeds back to the waves and waters that inspired us.

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