Apple Maps gets indoor mapping for more than 30 airports

As of this morning, Apple Maps has expanded to include indoor layouts of 30 airports across the globe. The company has primarily hit American cities thus far, covering what looks to be most of the big cities across the contiguous U.S. There are some key international airports, as well, including Hong Kong International, Amsterdam, Geneva, two in London and Berlin and a handful of Canadian locations.

It’s a big roll out, all in one fell swoop, that appears to have taken quite some time in the making. Each location requires close cooperation with airlines and the airports themselves, along with in-person surveyors. People have been recording the data in-person — sort of a human stand-in for those street mapping cars that Apple and Google deploy to get a lay of the land.

If an airport is included in the list, it will now sport the words “Look Inside” on the map. Tapping that will pop up a bird’s-eye view layout of the inside of the terminal. It’s that standard mapping grid view — in spite of sending human surveyors to collect data, there’s nothing here akin to Satellite or Street View. Not that most airport terminals are really all that much to look at in the first place.

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