Blocks hopes to court enterprise customers with its modular smartwatch

As we noted earlier this week, the mere fact that Blocks was able to bring its modular smartwatch system to market feels like a minor miracle. The company appears to have not taken the easy route in any respect. It could have launched an Android Wear device, but instead opted to skin a scaled down version of stock Android. And then there’s the modules — the company compares creating each of those to building an entirely different product from the ground, up.

But now that the product is here, Blocks has the equally difficult task of determining precisely who its product is for. It’s true that the smartwatch is finally having its moment, and plenty of companies are openly exploring modular hardware, but for a vast majority of people interested in the category, the plethora of off the shelf hardware offerings provides more than enough choice.

Of course, the startup already has its hardcore fans. Blocks tells me that between Kickstarter and pre-orders, the company has racked up 6,000 sales. That’s hardly mainstream acceptance, but it at least demonstrates initial interest in what the company’s attempting to do here.

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