Chicago By Mat, By Board, and By Rooftop

The black hole of content from August of 2016 to April of 2017 — when I jumped forward to blog the summer of 2017 as it was happening — have been haunting me. I’m so excited the time has finally come for me to catch up on them! I can’t wait to turn my detailed notes and journals into blog posts from Canada, the United Kingdom, Hawaii, Thailand and Bali! But first, a few final briefings from the continental US, picking up where I left off with my August 2016 trip to Illinois…

My apologies for any confusion with the timeline, and thanks for sticking with me!


I’ve been lucky to write about some truly exotic and far-flung adventures with my family in the six years I’ve been full-time blogging. But I’ve also shared that as travel-crazed as my clan is these days, when I was growing up, we kept things simple. Until I hit college, my family rotated through a familiar trio of destinations: Martha’s Vineyard, our favorite summer getaway; Florida, where my dad’s family lives; and Illinois, where my mom’s family lives.

Once I hit middle school, I was deemed old enough to get on the plane by myself to go visit my beloved cousin Kirsten solo, where I’d spend spring break hanging out in her classroom or tagging along on the church group excursions she chaperoned. I absolutely loved my regular trips to both Decatur, the small town where my mom grew up and most of the family still lives, and Chicago, where my cousin had moved after college.

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