Forget the Alexa-powered toasters at CES, these innovations will really shape 2018

Prediction 2: Being a Better Parent Will Be As Easy As Swiping Right.

  • Fertility services will go mainstream: Starting a family is expensive and people are starting to wait until later in life to have kids. But until now, fertility services have been expensive, complex, and taboo. In the coming year, we’ll see new brands creating affordable, consumer-friendly services that make fertility testing as easy as an at-home pregnancy test.
  • Peer to peer platforms will transform daycare services. Instead of spending thousands of dollars / year on a traditional daycare, you’ll soon be able to find neighborhood parents or grandparents who are turning their homes into licensed daycares thanks to new Airbnb-like platforms. This will help reduce the cost of childcare at a time when over 60% of families have both parents working!
  • New childhood nutrition services will be front and center. There are more fresh food options today for pets than there are for children! But in the coming year, expect to finally see a surge in high quality nutrition services for early childhood delivered right to your door — which is especially important given the outsized effect the first two years of diet has on a child’s lifetime of health.

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