Is Rahul Gandhi going to micromanage Karnataka polls for Congress?

Bengaluru, Jan 12: In December last year, the Congress lost two important Assembly elections to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)–first, the grand old party was ‘removed from power’ in Himachal Pradesh and second, the BJP came to power in Gujarat for the fifth consecutive time.

While both the elections proved to be two losing battles, in Gujarat, in spite, of facing a defeat, the Congress won a “moral victory”.

rahul gandhi File picture of Rahul Gandhi

The credit for the success of restricting the BJP to only 99 seats and improving the Congress’ tally to 77 seats in the 182-member Assembly in Gujarat went to Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Months ahead of the Gujarat polls, Rahul started campaigning for the Congress in the state. It was during the Gujarat election campaign, we got to see a new avatar of Rahul, interacting with the crowd with ease, attacking the Narendra Modi government with facts and figures, visiting temples and enjoying food and beverages in between the hectic schedule.

Rahul’s attempts to lead the Congress from the front gave party workers enough confidence and hope that the BJP is not invincible and results proved that a well-fought battle can never be a losing one.

Now, as the polls are scheduled for Karnataka, where the Congress is in power, Rahul and his team members have to up the ante to defeat the BJP. The saffron party, on its part, has been aggressively campaigning in the southern state.

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