Netflix was 2017’s top non-game app by revenue

The Netflix app was also the top earner across all of Apple’s App Store. But on Google Play, it ranked below Tiner, Google Drive, LINE, Pandora, and HBO NOW.

Another notable app success last year was Tencent Video. In 2016, it was the #14 top grossing app (non-game) by revenue on the App Store alone. This past year, it jumped up to #3 by revenue on the App Store, and #5 in overall revenue across both stores. (If Google Play was available in China, things would probably look a lot different, too.)

In terms of downloads, however, the top app list was dominated by Facebook.

This year, Facebook’s main app lost the number one spot to WhatsApp as it sank to #2. Messenger and Instagram followed, and Snapchat was in fifth place.

Sensor Tower’s report analyzed mobile games separately.

Mixi’s Monster Strike was the top grossing mobile game in 2017 – a position it’s now held for three years in a row. Tencent’s Honor of Kings earned second place, but again, because Google Play isn’t in China.

  1. 2017-top-games-by-revenue

  2. 2017-top-games-by-downloads

The games list is interesting for other reasons, as well. The one-time hit Pokémon Go didn’t make the top 10, but five year-old Candy Crush Saga did (#5). That goes to show that even though games is largely a hits-based business, it’s possible to have staying power in the market, too.

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