She Is PISSED OFF! An Angry Bipasha Basu SLAMS Pregnancy Rumours; Says ‘Kinda Getting Irritating’

Bipasha Basu found herself once again in the news when recently she was photographed with a bag on her lap, sending gossipmongers into a tizzy. They speculated that the actress may be expecting her first kid and was hiding her baby bump from the paparazzi.

Well for all those people, here’s the truth behind that viral picture straight from the horse’s mouth. Was Bipasha really hiding her baby bump? Find out here…

Bipasha Isn't Pleased With These Speculations

Bipasha Isn’t Pleased With These Speculations

The actress once again took to her Twitter page to put a full stop to her pregnancy speculations and slammed them left and right.

She Is Irritated With All These Rumours

She Is Irritated With All These Rumours

Bipasha tweeted, “Amused yet again. I kept a bag on my lap while getting into my car and certain media ppl started my pregnancy speculation again😂Guys i am not pregnant .Kinda getting irritating 😡Stay calm.. it will happen only when we want it🙏”

This Is Not The First Time

This Is Not The First Time

A few months ago, Bipasha and her hubby Karan’s visit to a hospital had sparked off pregnancy rumours. But it turned out that Karan was suffering from a stomach infection and the actress had accompanied him to the hospital.

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