SP feud: How Mulayam scripted his son’s political rebirth

Lucknow, Jan 12: It looks like a well-scripted feud aimed at telling the Samajwadi top brass that Akhilesh Yadav is boss. All through his five-year tenure, Akhilesh has been accused of not being able to take independent decisions and relying too much on his father.

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Today Akhilesh looks re-branded for public consumption, he is the guy who has taken his father and powerful uncle head on. The SP gives out selective leaks to the media in which it is said that Akhilesh refused to agree to any of his father Mulayam’s terms. He over-steps jurisdiction and ousts his uncle Shivpal-one of the founding fathers of the party.

How Mulayam scripted the party feud

Akhilesh re-branded:

There were times during the past five years when Akhilesh has been given a dressing down by his father in public. He never retorted. Mulayam, who is a master at political scripts wrote this one too to ensure that his son does not just have a clean image, but is considered a strong leader in the eyes of the public.

Throwing Shivpal out of the cabinet would have never been possible, unless Mulayam wanted it. Akhilesh did exactly that with his father’s backing. Mulayam also wants the party to move out of its ‘rowdy’ image where votes are won through muscle power. He wants it to be about clean governance.

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