The Chinese think Palo Alto is dumpy

Good news! The great Raw Water Story of 2017 is finally over. Google tells me that searches went up ten-fold over the raw water craze, but thankfully, humans seem to have filtered out any more stories or follow ups. Silicon Valley can rest easy.

But wait! There is another crisis brewing, and it isn’t the animal fecal matter in your algae water.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen the creation of a brand new genre of tech press article which might be called “the Chinese are really bored with Silicon Valley.”

(My sources tell me the Albanians are also bored with the Valley, but no one apparently cares what they think these days. Albania is in Africa, right?).

Apparently, and this is true because the Wall Street Journal reported on it, Palo Alto looks kind of dumpy.

Color me as shocked as the green of this fungal H20. Dumpy? Have they seen the Persian rug store on University?

As the Journal describes a group of Chinese founders visiting the Valley, “To many in the group, northern California’s low-rise buildings looked shabbier than the glitzy skyscrapers in Beijing and Shenzhen.” Finally, someone noticed.

But it wasn’t just the WSJ that got in on the action. Bloomberg also wrote its own version of the story, which emphasized the growing financial opportunities and career options on the Chinese mainland compared to the U.S. From the article: “Yet the search for returnees has spurred a thriving cottage industry. In WeChat and Facebook cliques, headhunters and engineers from the diaspora exchange banter and animated gifs.”

Banter and animated gifs. My god the Valley is screwed.

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