The Ocean Solutions Accelerator will nurture companies looking to keep our planet blue

You can’t swing a cat in the Bay Area without hitting some startup accelerator or another, but it can be hard to find one with a mission. That’s the easy part with the Ocean Solutions Accelerator, a new program that aims to help advance startups in tech and conservation relating to… you guessed it, the big blue. They’re now accepting applications for their first wave of companies this summer.

The accelerator is part of the nonprofit Sustainable Ocean Alliance, whose CEO and founder Daniela Fernandez I met at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in September. It was in the plans then, and the program was announced shortly afterwards, but only now is the team ready to open it up to applications.

If you’re working on a device, service, platform, or anything that you think could help protect or improve our oceans, but it needs a bit of love and expertise, this may be a great opportunity.

An example of an ocean-focused tech startup: CoralVita, which grows and transplants healthy corals.

“We believe that young entrepreneurs have the creativity, optimism and ambition needed to tackle some the greatest threats facing the planet,” said Fernandez in the press release announcing the new accelerator. “Our generation understands that sustaining the health of environment is not only a moral responsibility but also an opportunity to create profitable businesses capable of revolutionizing our world.”

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