Tucker’s Tails: Los Angeles Edition

By Tucker Baackes

Well hello again, humans. It’s been over a year since my last guest dlog (a blog by a dog, get with the program), and I’ve got to say, I’ve been none too happy to be silenced. My busy life in Los Angeles has been absolutely brimming with potential for interesting posts — When Mailwomen Attack; Times John and I Drove to the Dry Cleaners; Sitting On The Front Deck Lounger vs. The Back Deck Lounger — these are just a few topics I’ve been workshopping.

So anyway, it’s high time mom finally put me back in front of the keyboard to share my perspective of her annual visit to fawn over me (I mean, why would anyone ever come to Los Angeles otherwise, right?) Everyone knows it’s the highlight of her year! But she’s not the only one who travels — previous dispatches of Tucker’s Tails have covered my entourage and I traveling to San Diego, Martha’s Vineyard, and Philadelphia.

Cocker Spaniel in Los Angeles

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