Encounter won’t stop says Yogi Adityanath


It is disastrous that some people are showing
consolation towards criminals , it is very
dangerous for our democracy or society to
support criminals . It is like oppsito party
encourage the criminals . The samajwadi party
did not like BJP . They always used to take
revenge or attack to BJP .
Opposition party make conspiracy to the news
or issues related to BJP party called saffron
party .
The opposition party close relations with
criminals, Yogi Adityanath chief minister of UP
says in the state legislative council that police
encounters in the state would not stop if
anyone has problem from this decision . Speak
in the house during zero hour, Yogi adityanath
target towards the opposition and said

everybody knew who gave support to criminals
. A round figure of dreaded criminals have been
40 dreaded , in 1,200 gunned encounters and
this will continue , the chief minister said . He
was replying to Devendra Pratap Singh (BJP)
question on property pertaining Leader of
opposition Ahmed Hasan (SP) said to the chair had
already directed the government to get a CBI probe
conducted . It may be recommendation of CBI
probe or may not .

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