Chocolate is like friend for everyone


Benifits of dark chocolate 
Everything in life is made better by adding chocolate!

We all love strawberries, but dip them in a chocolate covering and all of a sudden you have a gift that combines elegance and romance in one.

But chocolate’s do a better job also
Like dark chocolate are beneficial for humans .
Studies show that dark chocolate can improve health & lower the risk of heart disease.
Dark chocolate is very nutrious if you buy qaulity dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, then it is actually quite nutrious .
It contains a decent amount of soluble fibre and is loaded with minerals.
Quality dark chocolate is Rich in fibre , iron , magnesium, copper and few other minerals.
Dark chocolate is loaded with organic compunds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants.
It improves circulation your blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to all your muscles and organ . Good blood flow health organ and internals system.

Your brain , like all the other parts of your body , requires oxygen and nutrients to survive & thrive .
Dark chocolate helps to increase circulation and produce more red blood cells , which will help your body to send more oxygen & nutrients to your brain .

It’s great for pregnancy , pregancy can be a pretty stressful time , what with all the changes to your body your routine & your life.

It lowers , blood pressure
If you have slightly elevated blood pressure , a bite of dark chocolate a day can improve blood flow and bring blood pressure levels down cocoa polyphenols helped drop the prevalence of hypertension from 86 percent to 68 percent in particular (aged 56 through 73).

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