History on repeat


German victory

In 1939 , the luftwaffe opened the German attack on Poland with operation wasserkante , an air attack on Warsaw on 1 September . This attack by four bomber groups was of limited effectiveness due to low – lying cloud cover and stout polish resistance by the fighter of the pursuit brigade, which shot down 16 German aircraft . This meant that by 6 september the air defense of Warsaw was in the hands of the 40mm & 75mm anti-aircraft guns of the Warsaw defense command. The bombing of Warsaw in world war 2nd refer to the bombing campaign of Warsaw by the German luftwaffe during the siege of Warsaw in the invasion of Poland in 1939 . It also may refer to German bombing raids during the Warsaw uprising in 1944.

During the bombing the course of the war approximately 84% of the city was destroyed due to German mass bombings , heavy artillery fire a planned demolition campaign .

While the retreating polish army valiantly resisted the adversing German coloumns , Warsaw ‘s 1.3 million inhabitants were subjured to furious bombardment . Hospital , churches and school were hit .

The ussr had snatched a part of eastern Poland as part of the fine print of the molocon ribbentrop part. Signed in August 1939 , but soon after found itself at war with it’s ally . In August 1944, the Soviet vegan pursuing the German west , adversing on Warsaw .

After Stalin mobilized 180 divisions against the German in Poland and east purssia gen.
Georgi zhukor’s troops crossed the histula north & south of the polish capital , liberating the city from German and grabbing it for me usse .
By that time , Warsaw’s prewar population of approximately 1.3 million had been reduced to million 153,000.

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