Problem of every developing countries


The problem of unemployment

India is a country with massive unemployment problem . Unemployment can function as a state of inactivity for a man fit and ready to be defined . This could be due to a member of reasons illness, youth disability , lack of qualification of the economic climate of their country . Currently the rate of unemployment in countries such as America and Britain are very high . Generally employees have less money to spend on workers , so may refuse to hire extra staff , or make other redundant . The number of unemployment persons increase as the population explodes. Our development fails to provide employment for all the unemployment youth . There are many reasons of unemployment is the over population . Every year an army of unemployment swells up as the growth rate of population is rapid . Second problem of unemployment which is very most is education . In our country many of children do not get proper education or opportunities . System of our education is theoretically that it makes our young men fit for some kind of services. And because of these difference the women did not get same opportunity , salary then men’s . India is still developing country because women are not given importance . They are neglected by many people . One majour problem is corruption when some poor person go to interview and he has good speaking and knowledge skills but he is show some strict answers then he goes to fail in interview or ask for money .
Unfortunately, there is no one conclusion to unemployment. Chance are that countries will always have a rate of unemployment.
By focusing government attention on strict controls on the amount of money circulating within a country’s economy , unemployment will also come down .

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