What worth more of garbage?


Anushka’s mouth or plastic?

On 16 June,2018 our Indian cricket team’s captain Virat kohli posted a video on social media of his wife Anushka Sharma .In the video she was scolding a man  for throwing garbage on the road. People were praising anushka for scolding man throwing garbage.Eventually, Union law minister Ravi shankarprasad tweeted “ Really appreciate the commitment of anushkasharma for #swachbharat . keep it up!” In his tweet he also shared the video tweeted by viratkohli. The man who threw garbage on the road was later identified as Arhhansingh.

But lateron,arhhanSingh wrote in his support on social media, “the garbage that mistakenly went out of my window of my luxury car was way less than what came out from anushka’s mouth”. He also slammed her husband viratkohliwhile writing that he has a “trashy mind” for recording and posting the video online.

And moreover arhan Singh’s mother also tweeted in his son’s support that “the last thing we would want is to get publicity out of your cheap stunt in the name of cleanliness”. Gitanjali Elizabeth Mordecai, wrote on social media,” I’m concerned about my son’s safety… How dare you crush somebody’s image…expose him to public hate”.They also added that the video posted by virat kohli was to prove they were good people to increase fan following.


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