Jio reveals the future of networking !


Fibre has been on the mind of reliance since 1977 when the RIL launched its initial public offering of shares to become a listed company, but unlike polyester fibre, this time Mukesh Ambani has decided to introduce a new term and that is the optical fibre.

Starting from late Dhirubhai Hira Chand Ambani and now led by his elder son and Chairman Mukesh Ambani this business industry has really come a long way, jumping across industries to become an assortment that straddles deep-sea drilling at one end and cloud computing at the other.

Ambani on Thursday addressed the annual general meeting (AGM) of the company that amid a confusing clutter of products, services, and unrelated industries, five things have remained persistent: shrewdness in financial planning, an eager wisdom of timing new deed, well-organized project management, an inclination towards India’s low- end aspirational consumers and a shaking approach to publics meetings.

Taking support from abbreviations we can say Ambani’s AGM address unveiled a technical drawing for ABCDEFGH – Agriculture, Business, Commerce, Digitalism, Education, Finance, Gaming, and Health. But the core of the strategy comes from the core of the reliance industry from the late Dhirubhai  Ambani: a bottom-of-the-pyramid approach in seeking new frontiers of fortune.

In the new stratagem of things, we find the Ambani’s swapping from vertical integration to horizontal integration of business, encompassing a shift from an ownership-based solicit to a partnership-based solicit, with the digital core system as a new enabler. These two are the requisite differences from the “only Vimal” polyester brand days to what appears like “only Jio “solicit to digital – era collaboration.

The AGM focused entirely on the three letter Jio band that will involve everything from smart feature phones and routers and set boxes and fibre services in an “internet-in-a-box solicit”. The new focus on fibre is a very adroit way to offer high-speed internet to far-flung areas that too at low cost.

RIL  is trying to act multiple Apple, Time Warner, Amazon and Verizon of India all at once in a one-stop-shop strategy.In trying to cope up high capital costs involved in rolling out fibre, The industry is arrogating a pre-booking solicit across 1100 cities.

You can call it a very clever strategy of 5C that pokes Contact, Content, Commerce, Carriage, and Convenience all at once.

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