Woman climbs Statue of Liberty to protest against Trump’s immigration policy


An immigrant from DR Congo climbed the of Statue of liberty’s base on Wednesday (4 July) to protest against US President Donald Trump’s zero policy on immigration and separation of migrant children from their families at the border.

According to Statement of cops: Woman identified as Therese Patricia Okoumou – a 44 year old immigrant activist who was responsible for the fourth July protest. She would not come down until all the children are released and it took almost four hours for police to get her down off the monument.

Officer Brian Glacken from New York City Police Department said that she was fetched down the Statue with the help of 16 officers of  the NYCP Department. She belongs from to the New York – based group Rise and Resist that was arrested for swinging a banner over a rallying around the Statue of Liberty’s base saying “Abolish I.C.E (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)”.

Later on she was arrested and facing multiple federal charges including trespassing, disorderly conduct and interfering with government functions. At least six people were arrested on Liberty Island and the site was closed to visitors.

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