5 simple exercises for people stuck with desk jobs

Stuck in a 9-to-5, in-office, desk job? You’re not alone.
If this stands true for you, chances are you don’t get enough or probably any time to take care of your health.
Sitting in a chair for long hours can cause digestive problems, neck and back pain, and other obesity-induced problems.
Perform these five simple stretches right at your desk to keep healthy.

Stretch #1Try the sky-catcher to avoid muscle tension
The ‘sky-catcher’ is a really simple exercise to perform anywhere, and it would be quite easy to do it while sitting in a chair.
All you have to do is interlock the fingers of both your hands, fully open the arms, and stretch them upwards, as far as possible, towards the ceiling, and hold this position for 10 seconds.
Perform apt repetitions.

Stretch #2Exercise your neck to avoid pain
Neck pain is among the most common problems caused by prolonged sitting at the workplace.
Not to worry – with simple stretches done right at your work place, it can be avoided.
Sit tall in your chair, slowly drop your left ear down to your left shoulder, and repeat with the alternating side.
Perform as many repetitions as you feel like.

Stretch #3All you have to do is look around
As simple as looking around at what’s happening at the workplace can help too.
You first have to look straight, then move your neck to one of your sides and look over your shoulder as far as possible. Repeat with the other side.
Perform a good number of repetitions to keep your neck in a good condition in the long run.

Stretch #4Pick up and drop your shoulders
A simple exercise like picking up and dropping your shoulders also helps.
Sit straight in your chair, pick both your shoulders up as high as you can, hold on for a couple of seconds and then drop them, bringing them back to their initial position.
Repeat as per your needs.
This stretch can help you keep your shoulders, neck, and your back healthy.


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