The world is getting horrifying day by day and so is humanity. This has been so rightly proved by a man in Uttar Pradesh’s small town Shahjahanpur district shot her wife who was 30 years old only because she did not cook egg curry on Thursday, 14 July. The victim has been identified as Mangesh Shukla, who refused to cook egg curry as it was Thursday. It is reported that the accused has been sent into the custody of the judiciary.
It has been said that the husband had been drinking that day and got into an argument when the wife refused to cook egg curry for him. After they two had a good fight, the husband went out of the home and returned with his fathers licensed gun from which he fired on Manglesh’s back
The police arrested Navneet on Friday.during the time of interrogation he confessed about the crime and that he was guilty about the deed. The complaint against the husband was filled by the deceased’s elder brother Anand Shukla.
Navneet, 33, is a farmer by profession. He was married to Mangesh 12 years ago. The couple resided at his parent’s home in Devdas village of Shahjahanpur, along with their three children. At the time of the murder, the parents had gone to visit the doctor, whereas, the children were at the school.
A team of senior police officials has seized the licensed weapon used for the murder. The couple’s children, for now, have been allowed to live with Navneet’s parents.


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