Not interested in making a biopic on self, says Akshay Kumar



One of the most versatile actors in Btown has something really worthy to say, Akshay Kumar who is working on socialistic movies from quite a time comments upon making his biopic. In a recent interaction with a source, he revealed that instead of making a biopic of his own he would rather prefer a biopic of some legendary person who has done wonders for the country. Here are some more questions which were asked from the Gold lead, Akshay during the interview.

You have always expressed your love for the nation, somehow or the other the patriotic films that fall into your lap are also loved by everyone. Don’t you think you need to take a break from that image now?

‘PadMan’ was not a patriotic film. There is a difference between a patriotic and a social drama, it was a social film and can’t be termed as patriotic. I would call ‘Gold’ a sports drama. It is based on true incidents from the year 1948, a year after we got our independence. I want that every guy or every female in our country should adapt to one sport and it does not matter which sport. We all need to adapt to some kind of sports. Also, ‘Gold’ tells a story which is never heard off, and when I heard the script I instantly wanted to do it and I’m very lucky to be part of it.

 Whenever you have played a role of a true character in the movie there is always a change, the actual figure the name or location everything is changed and you make it a new character almost. So what is the reason for changing the identity?

Because I want the film to be a little commercial. I want a good amount of the audience to come and watch it, so I try to make it a commercial so that the audience enjoy while watching it.

How did this film happen? Who told you about this person and the interesting character?

The director of the film Reema told me about it and as I heard about it, I was completely bowled over and the screenplay and the way it was written I was completely bowled over

When it comes to hockey films, there are a lot of expectations as the bar is always set to high by ‘Chak De! India’. What do you have to say about it?

If we think on these lines, then everything will be a competition. The story of ‘Gold’ is different than ‘Chak De! India’. It is not right to compare; it’s similar to comparing two sons. Everybody has a different individual identity.

How was it working with Reema Kagti?

It was a great experience. She is a very tough master and has handled the whole sports concept very well. I salute the way she has done the whole film, it’s commendable. It’s a tough film to handle because you are taking the audience through different eras in the film and she had to do so much homework.

How does it feel to be back on the sets of ‘Housefull 4’ after back to back social and patriotic films?

It was like I was on a paid holiday

Does the success of films like ‘PadMan’, ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ give you more confidence to follow your instincts and make more cinemas like these?

It does help because distributors show more confidence in making such films. Because earlier when I told people I’m doing a film like ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ they thought that I had lost my mind.

Recently a common announcement as made of Aamir Khan being part of ‘Mogul’ so are you still part of the project as an actor?

No, I am not a part of ‘Mogul’ anymore. Since we had some issues regarding the script, I am not doing it.

The new release date of ‘2.0’ is out. The film has been delayed a lot. So did that ever put you on a spot or any disappointment?

No, I have a new film releasing after every three months. I am excited about ‘2.0’ and keeping my fingers crossed that it releases on November 29th. Speaking about biopics, there are lots of polarized views that it is a filtered version of someone’s life.

Will you ever be ready to put yourself in that space and to show a filtered version of any person?

I will never make a biopic on myself, never will I even write a book. I feel there are so many other stories to be told from the history, there are so many amazing people who have turned India in a positive direction. I will be a fool to make a biopic on myself, I would rather make a biopic on a real hero.

If anyone in the future thinks on making a biopic on you. Would you want to see your son portraying your life on screen?

No, I would not like to see

So here is what Akshay has to say all about the cadre of movies he has jumped into and also if he is interested in making his biopic or not.

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