The controversial show ‘Bigg Boss‘ has always kept the themes interesting. With the upcoming 12th season, the show had audience excitement piqued with the ‘vichitra jodis’ theme.

The new season was supposed to have celebrity couples and there was a lot of speculation around it.

However, it now seems that the producers couldn’t rope in 6 such couples.

Read to know how this affects the show.

The couple theme with a twist

The inability to rope in celebrity couples had put the theme in jeopardy.

However, the producers added a twist. 6 celebrity singles will enter the house with 5 commoner couples and 5 commoner singles.

The commoner and celebrity singles will be coupled in the house. This promises to make the ‘vichitra jodis’ theme more intriguing.

It will be interesting to see how they get along with each other.

The thematic twist is not the only change

Interestingly, the thematic twist is not the only major change. The new season will not see all the contestants on the first day entering the main house.

A few celebrities and commoners alike will be kept in a separate house.

However, whether those staying in the main house would have knowledge about those in the separate house is not clear yet.


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