Tyler Blevins is a 26-year-old video game streamer, known online as Ninja.

Tyler streams his games on Twitch and interestingly, this brings him a monthly income of $560,000.

Blevins plays Epic’s Fortnite and his channel has over 10 million subscribers.

Notably, he managed to get 600,000 viewers in just one streaming session where he was playing with popular rapper Drake.

How does Ninja make money?

Blevins makes only a part of his income from Twitch.

He told Forbes in a report that his income was around 3.50 times the number of subscribers he had, which put it to nearly $560,000 per month.

Of course, this number did not take advertisements, donations or revenues from YouTube into account.

This is quite a lot of money for a 26-year-old!

How do streamers gain popularity?

Although most video game streamers will affirm that they love their job, it is not an easy task.

Full-time streamers need to have a large fan base, practise around the clock and advertise on various social media platforms.

It’s even tougher for part-time streamers who have to work jobs and practise the gameplay.

However, streamers are loved for the immersive experience and relatable commentaryki


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